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Travelling with your dog on public transport in Scotland

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  • Travelling with your dog on public transport in Scotland

    There are a number options if you want to travel on public transport with your dog in Scotland. This means that you do not necessarily have to take the car if you want to stay in dog friendly accommodation or holiday in Scotland. The train is the best public transport option if you are wanting to travel throughout Scotland, as the bus companies that cover Scotland, such as Scottish Citylink, National Express or Megabus do not allow dogs other than guide dogs on board. I have travelled with my dog on the train and it was generally a good experience and as long as they are ok with not getting to the toilet for a period of time then it is a good option. It obviously helps if your dog is used to crowds and I have been offered a bowl of water for my pooch by the friendly train staff. What are your thoughts on dogs being on trains? Some of them are better behaved than the people who seem to think a train is just a mobile pub e.g. somewhere to get as drunk as possible?

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    Dogs travelling by train

    My dog loved being on a train (she has now gone to that great kennel in the sky). She was reasonably well behaved and I kept her close by me on a short lead, just in case. Only once did I have a miserable women pull a face when I sat next to her with dog at foot. I stood up to move to another seat and made a very loud remark along the lines of "I see you don't like dogs and actually I prefer not to sit next to someone like that". Enough people heard to make her squirm. On a couple of occasions when the train was exceptionally busy I felt it best to stand in the area by the doors throughout most of the journey. None of this was on Scottish trains though, but on journeys of up to an hour in England.