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    A couple or a few months ago, I bought a pair of young hamsters for my daughter . She named them Pip and Squeak (Awww shucks, I suggested the names as they were small and cute, plus it was the nicknames of 2 of the trio of popular WW1 medals, based on a newspaper cartoon of the time - Pip, Squeak and Wilfred – I bet you’re sorry you asked). Anyway, they both got bigger and Squeak got even bigger and soon – my daughter was a mum or grannie or auntie ! Seven little pink wriggly bundles of jellybeans !

    Soon, Pip was evicted by Squeak from the marital home – a red plastic castle in the cage. My daughter told me nobody could touch the babies as Squeak wouldn’t recognize the new scent and thinking them not her own, would eat them. Soon, my daughter could identify a white one and black one among them. Soon after that, her friends were making first dibs on the seven little ones, who were still blind.

    Then my daughter made a horrific discovery – 2 were gone ! The sad fate was that Squeak, possibly suffering from post-natal depression, had eaten two of them, a pink one and a white one – even their cute little faces and their soft, little pink lips which, shortly before, had suckled at her life-giving breast. If only the vet could have offered post-natal counselling !

    Now everyone’s terrified ! The five uneaten babies hug each other in the red castle, dreading the awful appearance of that head, that face with wide, crazed, hellbound eyes, the red mouth with terrible jaws of death, teeth like ivory daggers, jamming itself in the castle window and hissing loudly “HEEEEERRRE’S MUMMMMMMMYYYYY !!!”

    Pip now sits hard up against the cage bars in one corner, covering all approaches, nervously watching his wife, the Black Widow. I’ve advised my daughter to add double-shot expresso and Red Bull to his food. He daren’t sleep ! You think Freddie Kruger was scary ? No way ! Meet HELL HAMSTER !!!
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