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Requirements for pet to go to the U.K for America

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  • Requirements for pet to go to the U.K for America

    Hello everyone, my beautiful cat's name is Obi he is 8 years old and one of the most loving sweet pet i have every had. so of corse I can not leave him be hide I started looking into how I can bring him with me to Scotland. I got a lot of run around but I finally got the Info I was looking for.

    1) Pet Needs to be Microchipped ( it needs to meet the ISO standards)
    2) pet needs to be vaccinated against rabies
    3) pet then need to want 3 months then get a blood test rabies antibodytest which is sent to an approved laboratory. the rabies antibody/ titre result should be higher than 0.50 IU/ML.
    4) then 6 months from the date of the blood test collection date your pet can travel.
    5) you will need to call or fax the USDA office in your state and ask for a Eu 998 form once you get this you will need to take it to your vet and have it filled out the you need to fax it back to the USDA office ( I brought it into mine that way it didn't take as long to get it back) this paperwork needs to be endorsed by a USDA veterinary inspector. after you get it endorsed you have 3 months to travel before you have to get a new one
    6) you need to call a approved transport company to make arrangements for your pet ( the only 2 airlines to the UK from the US is British Airways would cargo and Virgin Atlantic
    7) pet the need to go to the vet for a health certificate for travel ( this is good to 10 days)
    8) between 48-24 hours prior to check in of point of origin your pet needs to be treated by an approved vet with tick & tapeworm treatment (the tapeworm treatment needs to contain praziquantel as an active ingredient)
    8) all the paperwork needs to travel with your pet.

    when you call the air lines they will tell you were to fax a cope of your pepper work to and who is going to pick up your pet. after you get get there you can pick up your pet in 3 hours

    Im not going to lie it dose cost a lot of money I spent about $1000 and its going to cost $800 for my 14 pound cat to get on the airplain. but he is worth it he has always been a good loving pet to me.