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pets :D i think i have too many.

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  • pets :D i think i have too many.

    LOL i have two cats, diablo and tigga, 2 dogs, cassy and khali, 8 koi LOL they all have names, 3 goldsfish, one pleco and one talking catfish which also have names also one tank with little cardinals in and a tank full of guppies. ( plus minus 100 or more)

    I think i may have too many

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    You dont say,.... quite a slippery situation I dont have time for too many pets, i have one dachshund but since moving to my mother-in-laws house there are 6 other dogs two big watch dogs Thabo and pilot, Alsatian and rottweiler, 3 pekineses and a pug.

    The Alsatian takes fits and he needs his medication every morning and night, the little ones are all around you all the time as they are house dogs, it can be a bit much at times.


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      lol that i can believe. one of my dogs is a jack russel. its annoying. im definately cat person.


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        oh gosh

        How do you manage all of that That would be very tiring to handle. I Just turned 20 in august and got my first puppy which is a Papillon... yep I'm more of a cat person too it seems lol. Can't wait to get her all the way through training


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          Cats hate me for some reason and always scratch me. I have a history of Dog's protecting me, I love my two dead dogs. Not a fan in the slightest of massively tall dogs though.