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Cats for women and dogs for men.

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  • Cats for women and dogs for men.

    I hate cats. We have two and I hate them both.

    Still, it's a woman's pet really.

    A man should have a dog. And not a little ratty yelping weaselly nippy annoying lapdog but a reasonable sized woofer.

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    What makes pets gender specific?

    Personally I prefer dogs. And I assure you I am female.

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      Och, men don't really have a cat thing the way women do.


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        How about this cute fluffy wee moggy, The Bruce?

        Macho enough for you? The world simply haz not enough cheezburgers for that lolcat.

        Edited to add: Aye, he's real. At least according to the wonderful Snopes site, he's real.
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          Wow, don't know if I'd have the guts to stand close to that thing! Not without something to throw REALLY far away to lure it away from me when it get's that hungry look in it's eyes! Shudder!

          Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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            What a nice cute kitty cat.

            Do you have life insurance?


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              Nah, the insurance man came to the door but the cat ate him.


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                Made me laugh Celyn.


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                  dog and cat

                  Saorsa1 Thank you on your article

                  Good wisdom yah! must the dog bite the man with strong to right walking and the cat
                  a bit scribble the women to remember?!!! Just joking all in equal ***
                  feminism said.
                  Handyyy without bill please


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                    Thank you on your reply.

                    I'm still mulling it over but I think you've got a good thing going there.


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                      I wasn't much of a cat person until I got married and my wife (1st time !) wanted us to get 2. Hating surprises, I reasoned that a pedigree cat could be chosen from breed characteristics which would suit us. So we got 2 Birman kittens (a seal-point and a blue-point). Best thing we ever did. I christened them Mun-Ha and Sinh (traditional Birman legend names). These cats were amazing ! So friendly and un cat-like ! So clumsy, affectionate and always up for acting like dafties ! They were like dogs in a cat's body ! Sadly, when we got divorced, my wife took the kids (the cats that is) and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Ollie. Cow ! Mind you, I was going abroad again to work and live so I couldn't take them.

                      Now I'm married with 2 human kids we have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Bart. Maybe we'll get 2 Birmans again some day


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                        Originally posted by Saorsa1

                        Och, men don't really have a cat thing the way women do.

                        I agree, I mean what man would put a cat in a wheelie bin?
                        "Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."

                        - Martin Luther King Jr.


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                          Cats are for women..

                          that's right. I know only two men, who have cats, and both are gay.
                          None of my men in my life liked my cats. But with my 2 dogs they loved to play and go crazy with them.
                          But... what am I? With 2 cats and 2 big dogs?

                          Since I have my dogs, I prefer them too. Love to go for long walks, go training, doing sports and agility. Nothing of this you can do with a cat.


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                            Originally posted by ChiaraXX View Post
                            Nothing of this you can do with a cat.

                            Don't agree - look at those American pet video programmes and see some of the things cats can do !

                            I like cats just as much as dogs and I don't think I'm gay.

                            Funny thing but here in Oman, a muslim country, dogs are generally reviled by the local population and are not often kept as pets. In fact, even our wee dog has put the fear of allah into any local tradesmen or neighbours who have come to the house. They have always asked us to lock him in a room before they enter. In the Quran, touching a dog is considered an unclean act and the person must wash the contacted part 7 times. Most dogs you see here are wadi dogs - feral dogs, possibly decendants of abandoned dogs. They are often culled by police. On TV you see cats in adverts but not dogs.

                            Strange when you consider the Seluki is an Arab dog, kept by Bedu nomads for hunting oryx and various edible beasties !


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                              Heh, good old Saluki dogs no doubt predate Mohammed and all that crew.

                              Re. cats, I recall a Nigerian* bloke here in Glasgow telling me that cats were considered acceptable and good because Mohammed had a brother/cousin/old pal who liked them a lot and who was known as "The Father of the Cat".

                              It seems strange and unusual and counter-intuitive for a whole culture to disapprove of dogs. I mean, for millennia they have been made useful - whether to help hunt small animals to eat or to guard against intruders to house/tent/whatever. And to help herd the sheep and what-have-you and to guard them against wolves etc.

                              Of course, there's also the downside of dogs wanting (until trained and civilised a bit) to eat all your dinner and all your biscuits. Cats are not so bad for that, (unless your dinner involves fish or chicken, in which case ). Oh, and all the post that comes through the letterbox, 'cos they are protecting human from the evil scary postman, so you get all your birthday cards with bite marks in them and you even get the embarrassment of having to take your bank card into the bank and asking for a new one, 'cos this one doesn't work in the machine, possibly because deep toothmark indentations have confused the machinery.

                              * This guy was theoretically Moslem, but for a good Moslem lad he certainly liked his beer and whisky, oh yes!