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    To your cat, the holidays mean a home brimming with irresistible sparkles,
    jingles, crinkles, and yummy smells. Ao keep a close eye on your curious kitty while keeping these things in mind:

    * Cats climb trees, so make sure yours ( your tree, not your cat) is
    secured to a wall, curtain rod, or railing
    * Tinsel, ribbon, popcorn strings, metal hooks, pine needles, and glass, if
    ingested, can obstruct or even perforate the intestines. Use
    or hang out of reach.
    * Electrical cords, if chewed, can electrocute. Encase in tubing made of
    thick plastic.
    * Chocolate, alcohol, and cooked bones are toxic and potentially deadly if
    * Candies can be knocked over. leading to obvious hazardous results.


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    Oh, oh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Texasmujer.

    I do not at all have any plans to decorate anything for christmas, and I do not, right now, even have a cat, but your post is scary alltogether, and sends me looking to check up on the christmas decorations that I don't have, and the cat I don't have.

    Yeah, thanks, Texasmujer. Scare us all to death, why don't you? (I'm joking, I'm joking, no offence intended).

    If you want danger for cats, how about the cat getting itself stuck in the window, halfway in, halfway out, when I was living in a high-rise building 16 floors up? Eek, scary! (Don't shout at me: I only ever opened the window a little way open, and the cat had for years shown no particular ambition to go out and be a fall-to-ground splat cat.)

    All sorted in the end, and the cat seemed a whole lot less stressed and worried than the humans were.

    And I don't know where you have copied and pasted that bit of advice from, but I'm inclined to think that

    Candies can be knocked over. leading to obvious hazardous results.
    might just mean "candles" rather than "candies".

    Unless you have some really seriously dangerous confectionery in Texas, of course. Oh, do tell.

    Nah, come to think of it, I just don't think I want to know. Nope, it would be too scary to know about. The stuff of nightmares. I really do not want to hear of shotgun-wilding chocolate bars or whatever.


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      ...LOL...and, we have some REALLY dangerous raccoons, too!! Actually, ya'll...the truth is that I have nerve damage (from a car accident: I was dodging a...horned toad...just, ir ya'll notice errors; well...I TRIED to correct them all...but...) Yeah, a worf to the wise: watch out for those CANDIES...latch those trees to a wall; drink LOTS of...egg nog, or whatever...BCNU... Thanks for making me laugh!!


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        Thanks for the suggestion.I will definitely keep these thing in my mind and I will take care of it.I love my cat alot and I don't want to take risk.