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  • Meet The Russian Blue

    One look at a Russian blue and you know you've had an encounter with feline
    royalty. These graceful, long-limbed short-haired beauties have a majestic bearing, and their appearance is nothing short of regal: Wide-set emerald-green eyes are set off by a plush silver-tipped, blue-grey fur coat. A poised and dignified manner may have once made these cats favorites of Russian czars. But don't let that aristocratic background fool you--Russian blues also have a frisky side and love to play, climb, and jump. Though a tad shy with strangers, these sensitive, affectionate cats form a loving and loyal bond with their human companions.

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    Black Cats: Good Luck, or Bad?

    We've all heard the legend: BLack cats bring bad luck, especially when they cross your path. But not everyone agrees. Many people actually consider it good luck. So why the divergent opinions? It nmay be a matter of historical perspective. In ancient Egypt and Rome, cats of all colors were revered. But it's likely that during the Middle Ages, when black cats first became associated with evil and witchcraft, their reputations took a turn for the worse.


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      I don't believe in all these superstitious gossips.They are living things like us.Nothing happens when they cross road.I love pets.