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  • Hiya I need help

    My cat keeps attacking me one minute and uses my hand for a pin cushion lol but the next second shes lovely to me its lyk shes schiztophrenic!!! Does anyone have any ideas to stop her doin this? An example is puss in boots of Shrek because she looks exactly lyk puss in boots n does the whole schiztophernic thing exactly lyk puss in boots!!! help me please

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    squirt it with a water gun every time it decides to turn.


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      Hi thanks for the ideas im gonna try that and ill let u no if it works


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        How long have you had the cat please? I have a couple of cats that were like that, they are very loving but can suddenly lash out. This is just because they are not completely relaxed and a little nervous. They sometimes need a lot of time to know they can trust you completely. I have a cat of 16 years old and when I first got him he was always attacking me but eventually he settled down but even now occassionally he swipes out in a panic. He don't mean to hurt and is soon loveable again.


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          mean kitty

          my mother has a cat that is like that I cut his nails so he can scratch anyone


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            Generally speaking, if you firmly grasp the cat's head in one hand while holding it's body firmly in the other hand, then taking the cat's head and giving it a quick twisting motion until you hear a snapping sound - that should solve the problem.


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              I'm not sure what this thread is about Auld Chiel but I have other methods involving kitchen utensils and power tools.

              Maybe, I'm getting the wrong end of the stick here... no wait a minute, the cat gets that.


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                Guess that's how AC deals with the Possums, Yee Ha! "Now where's that pot" wullie m


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                  Cats who have been moved around a lot tend to be insecure. I once had a cat which my son left with me when he went abroad and it bit me and scratched me and ripped the curtains off the windows. He came back and took the cat to his flat and it did the same. I think that cats need security and when they reach a certain age it is too late. You cannot train them but they need a lot of love.

                  Contact member by PM should you wish to know the link. kv
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