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    My dog will be 1 year old this month.For some time now she has been trying to eat the cat's food.I think i have read that it is ok for dogs to eat cat food but not cats eating dog food.I have given her some cat food & she wolfs it down.She also has dry dog food as well.Her own dog food was just getting binned.Is this ok.

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    I believe it is the other way around, cats can eat dog food but that dogs should not eat cat food...

    I've heard that cat food (dry) tends to be too rich for dogs. It could give her a tummyache, cause unnecessary stinkiness for the rest of the family to endure, or, in the long run, cause very serious health problems if your dog is susceptible to getting overweight. It could also encourage her to become picky about what food he eats and avoid the healthier stuff. The moist cat food, of course, would be even more likely to cause these problems.

    The best thing to do is not switch foods on your dog. Get what your vet recommends and stick with it. Then she is happy with what is appropriate for her. Since food is scarce in the wild, most dogs are geared to eat the richest food they can whenever they can.

    We had put our cat's food on a shelf in the laundry room so that our dogs don't get into it.


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      I believe cat food is very high in protein and is bad for the dogs liver. Other bad things for dogs, if you didn't know already...onions, macadamia nuts, raisins "grapes",currents,chocolate-white choc. is fine. Foods that can cause sensitivity- highly wheat based products, corn meal and soy. I might have left out a few.