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A Bird's-Eye View of Nutrition

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  • A Bird's-Eye View of Nutrition

    Make Food Fun---
    Biords love variety, so eating the same thing every day can get boring. To supplement your bird's dist in a fun and satisfying manner---as well as to reward good behavior---offer your pet treats. The following are sensible guidelines:

    *Treats come in numerous varieties---look for snacks with nutritious, wholesome ingredients and interesting shapes and texrtures to stimulate your bird's interest.

    * Treats in shapes of sticks or bars may encourage activity and relieve boredom.

    * If you are using a treat stick in your cage, don't leave it there full-time. The bird will overeat from it. and may begin to refuse her real food.

    *Treats are good for yoiur bird for one totally fifferent reason: because you're providing them. Offering treat foods involves important human-bird interaction. If the treat food requires hand-feeding, it helps strengthen the humabird bond, which is also crucial to the bird's health and well-being.