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    Healthy teeth and gums may be among the most important aspects of an animal's survival. Without them, your pet can't eat properly, groom himself, or protect himself from danger. Lack of regular dental care could lead to gum disease or abscessed teeth, either of which could result in tooth loss and other problems. The good news? It's easy to tale care of your pet's teeth end gums. While you should schedule yearly check-ups at the veterinarian (where thay will check their teeth and guns), routine home care is also important.

    *Brush your dog or cat's teeth regularly---daily, if possible, but once a week ar least.

    *Be sure to keep an eye out for indications of possible dental disease: bad breath, excessive drooling, difficulty chewing, loss of appetite, and loose or lost teeth.

    *Chewing rawhide has been shown ro reduce plaque and tartar up to 25%!