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How to Give YOur Pet a Pill

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  • How to Give YOur Pet a Pill

    The trick to successful pill popping for your pet is to be relaxed. handle her as gently a possible and act quickly.
    Here are simple steps that will get the mediocation in without stressing your pet---or you---out!

    1. WHET YOUR PET'S APPETITE. Offer a bite-size bit of cheese or meat for a dog, a dab of canned food or butter for a cat or to engage her interest, and make her eager to gulp down the nest pill-laden "treat!"

    2. ROLL THE PILL IN PEANUT BUTTER for a dog, wet cat food for a cat. Holding your pet close with one hand and the pill betwen your thumb and index finger in the other hand, gently open his mouth at the corners. Tily his head back and drop the pilll as far back in his mouth as possible.

    3. MASSAGE THE NECK OR BLOW GENTLY INTO THE NOSTRILS; either action encourages your pet to swallow. When you see the pink tongue pop out, you'll know it worked!!

    4. GIVE A REWARD. Another small treat will make yur pet happy and ensure that the poll was swallowed!

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    I've found cats to be more difficult than dogs to pill, and eventually i found a much better way...

    ...catch them while they sleep!

    Not kidding.

    I sneek up on them while they're sleeping, pill on the ready... shove it down their throat quick as a wink! They sit up, blink...

    "what happened???!"

    ...before i did it this way, i tried hiding it in food, endured scratches, struggles and bites!... no, this is definitely the way to go with cats!


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      Sneaky...but, whatever works!! Good idea!!


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        I find with my cat that the easiest thing to do is to mix it in with a
        little cat milk or mix with chicken and gravy...her favourite food !!


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          When my dog hurt her neck, I had to give her her pills. I dipped it in hardened hamburger grease and made sure to get some on my fingers, too. Then she licked it off and swallowed it without knowing. She liked it too!
          What's really funny, is she figured out where the pills were (on top of the fridge) and when she saw you reaching up there, she got really excited. Sweet little pup. Now she's sixteen, 17 in June.
          She's a good dog.