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    New Album from Jimi McRae - Last King of Pictland

    'Last King of Pictland’, the sixth studio album by Jimi McRae brings together a plethora of musicians from many genres. A genuinely unique blend of traditional pipe music with a myriad of styles including heavy metal, progressive rock, traditional Greek, Scottish and Irish and more all combined with a modern edge. Recorded at studios in Scotland and Portland, Oregon, USA , McRae brings an assortment of bagpipes to proceedings – Highland, Lowland, Border, Arabic and electronic. He also sings or 'chants' on several tracks, performing 'Canntaireachd', the ancient mouth music of Highland pipers.

    'Last King of Pictland’, the third release on McRaeMusic comprises six original compositions and three traditional arrangements and is just under 38 minutes long. McRae has chosen a set of traditional tunes from Brittany, Ireland and Scotland which he has entitled 'Songs from the Western Seaboard'. He has also included his own arrangement of a song from the Thrace region of Bulgaria and Greece and a small pipes rendition of the famous Highland Piobaireachd 'The Wee Spree' McRae shares writing credits with Clark and Christie on several of the original tunes, all of which have a progressive feel and utilise rock and funk guitar, bass, and drums, and also theremin, didgeridoo and percussion accompanying the pipes.

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