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  • Gobsmacked !

    In little old Oman, we're not known for attracting current topline international performers and tend to be a venue for stars whose glow is setting or hasn't lit up yet. We've had James Blunt, Tom Jones, Westlife, UB40, Howard Jones, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Script to name a few, but not the sort of mega-acts regularly going to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Even the elderly Deep Purple is going to Dubai but not coming here.

    So imagine my surprise when I learned today that on 6th May, Muscat will host one of today's most mega street-cred seriously respected rap-stars - Justin Bieber !

    The Beebs or as he's known to his homey-posse "BJ" or "Sweetlips", will indeed be performing here.

    I asked my 18 year old son if he'd like to go and he responded with something that seemed to contain muffled "f's" and "b's" and my 15 year old daughter hurriedly replaced her earplugs wherein Gorillaz were playing.

    So, whereas we all went to see Tom Jones (still a great entertainer and not an old fogey - even my offspring thought he put on a pretty good show !), I don't think my wife, son, daughter or myself will witness the great event this May.

    But for sure, the tickets will be sold out in hours, as there are many Bieber fans here (teen girls mainly) who've been desperate for some time for him to come here.

    Good luck to him and I'll continue to dream of Madness coming here ! LOL