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Favourite Scottish Artist (not music!)

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  • Favourite Scottish Artist (not music!)

    Saw the Scottish songs thread and wondered what people out there consider their favourite scottish artists in terms of painting, drawing or sculpture. Who inspires ye?
    Scottish Colourist Artist

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    I tend to be more inspired by writings; I like Burns, Scott and Stevenson, of course.

    Do others consider authors as artists?

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      ye id say writers where artists (of sorts)...theyre usually at "art" events....and create images with words

      my mind always goes blank when im asked about artists i like....a few of my mates are artists(painters) or sculptors from the Glasgow art school and some have done really well.

      i fell into the "installation" trap years ago while working for tramway and anya gallaccio (<dodgy spelling) amongst others but prefer soundscapes with some visuals.

      i like george wyllie and loads of other public art too