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Runrig 40th Anniversary Weekend 2013

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  • Runrig 40th Anniversary Weekend 2013

    I have got my bed already booked so I can go see Runrig on the
    10 August 2013 at the Black Isle Showground, Muir of Ord Near

    My sister only lives 12 miles from it

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    Cool! That sounds like fun!

    Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!


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      Counting the days!!!!


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        Originally posted by ivy13 View Post
        Counting the days!!!!
        I am counting bedtimes lolol


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          what a phantastic event this was! we had so much fun and the Band were as good as ever. so glad to see Donnie, I just wished he would have sang "Ch mi'n geamhradh", but I was very pleased for his taking responsibility as ambassador for the gaelic language and culture. During this concert especially, the Band remembered their gaelic roots and where and how they started. Suas leis a' Ghidhlig! :-)
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            Runrig 40th Party on the Moor 2013- Donnie Munro - An Ubhal As Airde - YouTube


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              In case anyone is interested, this is what Donnie said:

              mo chairdean, tha e cho math gu bheil sibh uile an seo cmhla a nochd, 's seo e d fhichead bhliadna agus gu h-araid 's e urram mhr a th'ann gu bheil sibh uile cmhla ruinn
              My friends, it' good that you are all here together tonight, and we're here 40 years and especially, it's a great honour that you are all together with us.