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Watching British television in the U.S. or elsewhere

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  • Watching British television in the U.S. or elsewhere

    If you are watching British television elsewhere, what are you watching and how [if it's legal] are you getting it?

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    A friend of mine has a daughter who lives in Atlanta. She uses slingbox to transmit the daughter's favourite UK programmes. Don't quite know how it works, but here's the link. - Watch Your TV Anywhere


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      Bless you! Thank you. I'll check it out.

      Husband got me hooked on some of his shows and we like watching them together but some of them are getting harder for us to view. Casualty he downloads to his computer and then we bought an inexpensive signal cord to send it from his laptop to our television set. (Five bucks and we see it large!) We have to view it within certain dates or it disappears.

      Downloading is much slower than real time. We used to do streaming for his soaps but we're in a small town with a college and at peak times there's noticeable slowing and interuptions and often we just give up. I was wondering if a site like Hulu might have some British shows like soaps and if we'd have fewer problems. It's also very frustrating that our local cable stations will air English football but never Scottish games or rugby [shock].


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        British TV

        On Saturday nights, I watch Sherlock Holmes on South Carolina ETV & Two Fat Ladies on the Cooking Channel, both on DirecTV. There are several other programs on SCETV. I had the pleasure of meeting Clarissa Dickson Wright of TFL's at her(now defunct) bookstore, in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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          We have been considering changing from Cable to DirectTV or some other service. Some cable networks get BBCAmerica, and then you can pick up Dr. Who and some other things, but BBC America is not the same as BBC One or other stations in the U.K... it's still made for American audiences.

          We have been able to get a little BBCWorld News on our local PBS station weeknights at 11 p.m., but British news is on it only sometimes. For instance this week we hear about the queen's Jubilee and the current hacking scandal with the former Communications Aide Andy Coulson, but little else. The rest is about Syria, Burma, and other countries.


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            if youve got the internet youve got access to every channel/show/film in the world at your finger tips

            all you have to do is look

            google is your friend

            (i am in no way sponsored by google..........or any one else)


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              BBC America
              Yer Maw!!!!!