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  • Madp1per
    Hi there.

    I can tell you that the sound in the music is definately not that of the great highland bagpipe..

    I would search for some music with the scottish small pipes, and the eulian pipes to see if you can spot the difference.

    My guess is that it is the irish eulian pipes that are being used.

    I hope this helps you.

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  • fannatics
    started a topic Bagpipe


    Hi to all, nice to find this cool forum

    i am from Greece, a huge fan of Anna Vissi ( Greece's no1 pop star ). Recently Anna released a new song called My Parelthon (My Past) that it's main music theme is by a bagpipe.

    The composer insists that he used an irish bagpipe but there is a "fight" among the fans ( fannatics ) that this is definetely Scotish.

    Could you help me? bagpipe is well known that is yours

    you can listen the song here
    YouTube - Anna Vissi - To Parelthon Mou []

    hope youtube urls to allowed.... sorry