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  • As She Drove Me

    The Tay is Scotland's longest river;
    it is the big ribbon, crossing residential
    parcels for foreign or local-surnamed rogues or rich - honest !

    as more water flows easy past Perth
    than does though London town

    few possessions are even bolted-down safe;
    it wasn't the case wi' Birnam Wood

    North-country crofter-farmers that ye'd ken frae Burns' Songs
    thrived inbye, till the 19th century's land-grabbers
    (powered by their Edinburgh Legals who cosy-bedded wi Gentry)
    racked up rents sending sons and daughters onto
    emigrants' ships for America, New Zealand and Australia ...

    When you return to Dundee you'll find yourself at some point
    running a company as someone has to though I wouldn't
    recommend this to any friend in a million years
    and prudence isn't : going-with my Lochee girl
    who prefers to drive me out of my mind ...
    for how much longer are you not going to phone me
    for a rendezvous at your place with the old acoustic

    Where I'll sing more songs and tell you you're beautiful,
    which silver words you've heard before,
    you'll reply, cynical mill girl's daughter.

    While I'm struck with love for you.

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    I liked that! Have you written it yourself?


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      Yes. I wrote it this lonely Sunday. Here's another one.


      phainesthai, to be in the light;
      showing itself in the light

      Something is just
      there in the light

      the ting, the parliament

      before character and distinction
      between subject and object
      coming later through
      scientific conceptualization

      (my field of expertise
      is birthing sheep and goats,
      but parliament is also
      zoological and expect
      the head to develop
      to body and limbs

      A Scottish goat kid
      would be a fine thing too
      cavorting from roof
      of building to upturned boat)

      the kid breathes,
      and horns locate
      to within-brain mind
      to guide her destiny's
      evolutionary nature