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she stood from the highest tower

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  • she stood from the highest tower

    she stood from the highest tower,
    fire and crossbows and cannons
    her soft white dress covered in ashes and
    never knowing why
    her father and brothers below
    blood and destruction and ruin
    to be somewhere else, but where
    this is all she has ever known
    the smell of the castle walls
    the damp richness of density
    the warmth of a single flame
    and the brilliance of colors
    in a drab cold world
    how red seemed to make the room warmer
    and even though the room was too big to feel the heat - to hear the
    fireplace burn
    made it almost bareable -
    even in winter
    so where is he now, she wonders
    he promised
    he promised
    till forever
    this is not his fault, this war-
    this barbaric toss of lives
    but there he is
    in the midst of it
    and she
    in the highest tower
    she can see through his eyes
    the slaughter
    she calls to him with no reply
    his vision is blurred
    his blade falls on another & another
    In his mind, her face
    and that is his prize in all of this fury
    this is not his war
    he is a pawn - like the others
    the others that lay at his feet
    the others he has slane himself
    that is not like him
    he is a simple man
    a man in love
    that was too much to ask, to be in love,
    to be with his wife,
    fate may see things differently for him
    where is she now
    she promised
    he has placed her on the highest pedestal
    in this confusion where could something, so perfect
    so beautiful go-
    she is above this chaos
    this absence of forgiveness
    this shame of humankind
    to put down everything-
    his sword, his pride, his soul, he would, for her,
    she promised, where is she
    where is he, as she looks into hell
    over the castle wall
    surely he is dead- he has been swallowed with the
    hundreds of souls
    what is the point of waiting she asks herself
    he promised, he would return
    he promised,
    he promised,
    and she will wait forever
    and she did........
    and i did ......
    I Love You

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    Ke' McClain

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    This is good!!



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      thank you very much for your reply
      I just write it as i see it...
      thanks again
      Ke' McClain