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    The Attack Of Killer Rockabilly Queens
    What Should Our Response Be?

    i put the answer in first as
    i have tried it and i am talking
    about Jackie Lee Cochran, Wanda Jackson
    and Janis Martin before
    we consider any damage limitation.

    For science tells us vowels
    are pitch determined. On
    the high energy rockabilly frequencies the girls
    are spooled up at ~ 90% v. males ~ 50%.
    i am a certified turbine engineer;
    i tell you that we are totally outflown
    in any vocalisation of the english language.

    Bandwise my honey-blond Flying V
    does keep pace with the spun silk
    of our singer Pamela Morrison. It needs
    the double humbuckers and string length
    to compensate for the inferior tensile strength
    of steel v. zoological high-tech.

    "Slow Down Brother," is apposite
    where Jack London and
    Ferlin Husky go head to head.

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    I got my hair fixed in a pony-tail
    So when we dance, we really sail
    If you love me then tell me so
    But rock your baby and don't be slow

    "I maintain the sound. I just try to write as economically as I can. I tell the story in scenes, always from the point of view of characters, so there are multiple points of views. I won't even read a book that opens with weather," he says. [neither do I - YF] "I'm too interested in people. I try to keep out the passages that readers want to skip." He doesn't roll into a sentence with a prepositional phrase: "I don't want my book to sound as though it were written. I avoid, "Upon entering the room."

    - Elmore Leonard

    I take music, boats and women seriously. I hope it shows in my poetry. I seldom answer carping criticism from the terminally solemn and the Scottish Art's Council. For me a poem works if - in some difficult to explain way - it is more vivid than any prose translation. Does it take the measure of Elmore Leonard and Wanda Jackson [quoted top].

    Spare us even more 'Glasgow Realism' and poems about the weather! I've run Hjokfinnies Sanglines for 5 years with no interest or support whatsover from the various arts organisations. Yet I reckon that the internet mag is getting good. Bad though I find the SAC, it nothing to my dealings, in my other work which is shipbuilding, with Scottish Entenprise - who didn't like what I wrote about them and told me in their devious way via a third party. But I set my deadlines and I am moving my company and any employees that want to come with me to Lake Superior, Minnesota where they understand engineering concepts and mathematics - and Scottish literature too !