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Le' bete ( the beast)

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  • Le' bete ( the beast)

    For he is just the Beast
    that adores her~ He won't let her go
    She can be mad, angry or content
    No matter to him
    He is not made for that
    The simplest of things~
    he throws into a frenzy
    She is the one to blame
    Who is she to think~
    That is too much for him~
    What if she thinks to leave?
    What is she wants to be alone?
    The devistation of all that she has
    dreamed of ~
    He would walk thru the fires of hell to be with her~
    but she does not feel the same~
    He can't make her~
    She can't make herself~
    She has tried~
    The hands he had offered out for her
    to hold her so she would not fall~
    Are now shaking beyond his control~
    It is only inevitable those hands
    have now turned to claws~
    to pull her to him &
    If that cannot be~
    they will be the last thing she sees
    before he destroys her~
    He cannot comprehend living without her~
    but he does not understand her~
    He cannot stop her~
    Just to hope that she will not turn from him and run~
    And at night as she sleeps~
    He looks to the sky & sighs ~
    One more day with her has past
    And each day he knows ~
    She will leave~
    At last.........


    Tell me whatcha think??...

    Ke' McClain

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    That is amazing.

    How can you see into my life like that?
    Pin down some of the feelings that are flying around in my heart and soul?
    Put them down on paper and make me feel so much better
    Now they aren't hidden?

    Thank You So Much



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      thank you

      thank you for your for your reply--
      I appreciate your taking time to read and write back
      Thanks again--
      I am back in the system now & will try to write more
      Ke' McClain


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        Cool !!!

        Now I expect to find you in the poetry threads alongside all the other Masters, where you belong ..... Will I find you there?????



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          white tiger

          so - have you read the last poem i introduced to the thread?
          Ke' McClain


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            i dont know what that icon i used means

            white tiger - thanks for all of your interest...
            i am on now if you find me - i looked in the Inn to see if you were there but i can't remember how to use this thing.
            i'll keep checking the boards...
            Ke' McClain