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    With Outlander as a latest offering for sexy, history-ish, TV-series addicts and Game of Thrones still filling those family sofas, does anybody think, like me, that one true Scottish event by-passed by film and TV writers is the Massacre of Glencoe ?

    Not the tired out simple old feud legend that we were told as kids in Scotland and everyone knows must be true, you know the one:- the feuding Campbells (the traitor clan - in new-age Western films they'd be the Pawnee) visit the peaceful, honourable MacDonalds (poetic and in tune with nature - in n-a Westerns they would be the Cheyenne), are welcomed with open arms to stay and share Highland hospitality. Only nights later they plot and treacherously murder their hosts. A story beloved of Jacobites, Victorian romantics and Highland story-tellers to this day (No Dogs or Campbells etc etc).

    I’m thinking more of the real story, well documented at the time and available since, later encapsulated in John Prebble’s excellent 1960’s history and even outlined in today’s Wikipedia. A story of pawns caught up in a bigger game of Britain’s royal power struggle, a leading Scottish government politician’s engineered plan of retribution as an example to others, a ruined Campbell laird chosen for a deathly mission of revenge, a small yet opportunistic warlike clan chosen for destruction, a new Scottish regiment of the young British Army chosen for the planned mission, a London-based King’s agreement to this destruction, secrecy, duplicity and intrigue all along the way from the very top level of power right down to the hapless puppets. Then later the outcry after the event happens and London’s call for an inquiry and blame apportioned – King William’s Teflon shoulders escaped censure, but others were blamed, though with relatively mild repercussions. Main players include – King William III, ex-King James II, John Dalrymple (Master of Stair) Secretary of State for Scotland, John Campbell “Slippery John” (1st Earl of Breadalbane), Captain Robert Campbell of Glenlyon, MacIain Abrach chief of the MacDonalds of Glencoe, Colonel Hill commander of the Fort William garrison and Western Highlands commander, Clan MacDonald of Glencoe, The Earl of Argyll’s Regiment of Foot.

    Perhaps because there’s no real good guys in white hats here, plenty “grey” guys, choice bad guys in black hats, no real romantic or sexy bare-chested base, maybe that’s why it will never be filmed or serialized.

    What do you think ? I still think it would make Game of Thrones look like the Teletubbies any day !
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