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Help finding an 80's film made for TV.

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  • Help finding an 80's film made for TV.

    Looking for a Scottish film made in the mid 80’s for TV. I thought it was called Shadow on the Moon however my internet searches have been unsuccessful. The story was about a pair of brothers being brought up in the 60’s, the youngest was fascinated with space and there is a seen where he (Billy I think) is watching the news on a black and white TV when it is broadcast Uri Gagarin has just become the first man in space. One of the boy's neighbours is an albino called Maurice who drives a VW, the brothers think Morris is a space man and the VW a spaceship. Their fascination with Morris is that great they end up breaking into his home to verify his extra terrestrial credentials and get caught.

    Other seen's that may jog a memory or two;

    The mother of the boys introducing a street play put on by the local kids and her opening line is “Ladles and Jelly Spoons”

    A wee fight between two child gangs where the bully gets shot on the bum with an air pistol.

    School bus passing a rival school, and both sets giving each other pelters in passing.

    Any help with this one, much appreciated.

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    doesnt ring any bells

    try asking on the hidden glasgow site or the urban glasgow doubt some one there will know.

    if you find out the name let us know n ill see if i can find it


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      Its called Shadow on the Earth (episode 11 of series 4 of Screen Two!)


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        that looks like the one

        well done mate


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          Wasn't difficult - a quick google search (glasgow film albino vw) and the answer was there!


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            Originally posted by Pictish Scot View Post
            Its called Shadow on the Earth (episode 11 of series 4 of Screen Two!)
            You dancer, and its available on Amazon. Thanks buddy.


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              Also looking for this film

              Hi there, i have also been looking for a copy of this film for a long time and can't find one anywhere.
              I noticed you said it was available on Amazon but i have also tried Amazon on several occasions with no luck.
              Does anyone else out there have info on where i can obtain a copy of this film.
              Screen 2, Shadow on the Earth from 1988.