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How the Irish are really Scottish

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  • How the Irish are really Scottish

    I came across my old pal David Stokes recently, a soft-hearted Irishman who used to drink in the Barrowlands in the '80s and we got to talking and I said to him that he loves Scotland more than most Scots I know so why doesn't move up here. And never a man to answer a question without a rhapsody at least he described a drinking adventure in Edinburgh that ended up in Glen Coe. and I listened to him and decided that the Irish are really Scots cast away on the biggest of the islands of our west coast. He's down in London and I promised I'd put in a word for him when i could. He's writing novels and stuff these days and has a blog on theguestinformant | Just another site

    If we go independent we'll have to bring the Irish with us! Luke!

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    Only if we can leave Daniel O'Donnell behind! Christy Moore etc would be fine.