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  • Filming technique

    In cinematography, what’s the technique called when a character’s situation (usually shock or in peril) is emphasized by zooming into the character (usually face) while the background gets smaller at the same time. It’s been used in various films to give a feeling of isolation from the surroundings, like we sometimes feel when given some shocking news that gives us that “blood-drained-from-the-face” feeling.

    I think the technique is achieved by a dolly which is moved quickly away from the subject whilst the cameraman zooms in quickly on the subject.

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    I think it might be done more simply.

    A zoom lens, yes... but basically if you zoom in one direction (to smaller mm) it shortens the depth of field. In contrast, when you zoom to telephoto it lengthens your depth of field. A long telephoto will greatly stretch the distance away from the camera.


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      Lachlan is right, the effect is achieved by the camera being moved away from the subject while the cameraman zooms in; I saw it on a "making of" for (I think) The Legend of Loch Lomond. As for what the effect is actually called I can't remember!


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        It is called a "Push/Pull". Hitchcock created the technique for Vertigo.