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Origin of this verse ?

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  • Origin of this verse ?

    I always thought the following verse was from Glasgow and was recited a bit like this:-

    Spring has sprung !
    Ra grass has riz
    I wunder where ra burdies is ?
    Ra burdz is oan ra wing
    But that's absurd !
    Cos ra wings is oan ra burd !

    Well, that's how my Dad used to say it !

    But I've since discovered this version on the internet -

    The Budding Bronx

    Der spring is sprung
    Der grass is riz
    I wonder where dem boidies is?

    Der little boids is on der wing,
    Ain't dat absoid?
    Der little wings is on de boid!

    Is either of them the original ?

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    Spring is sprung
    Da grass is riz

    I wonder where dem boidies iz

    Da little boids is on da wing

    Ain't dat absoid

    Da little wings is on da boid

    by anonymous

    according to google


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      That sounds like something by Bud Neil of the evening times of yesteryear.