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A "Must See" For All Scottish People

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  • A "Must See" For All Scottish People

    As the Scottish people are well known to have loved and cherished this famous figure, a film is now out called "The Iron Lady" starring Meryl Streep - a biopic about the career and private life of Margaret Thatcher - I'm sure I speak for all of Scotland when I say that she was perhaps Britain's greatest ever Prime Minister.

    Two of the great things she did for us and grateful we are too:- creating mass unemployment in Scotland so we could concentrate all our energies into sitting at home making little tartan Loch Ness Monster soft toys for the tourist industry, as part of her vision for Scotland to be much more dependent on tourism and -

    giving Scotland the honour and privilege of being the first part of Britain to pay poll-tax (woopsie - I mean "Community Charge") in an exciting new scheme, to see the effect on the natives above Hadrian's Wall.

    God Bless you Maggie ! (I bet nowadays you don't even remember what Scotland is !)

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    heres' to you maggie , rot well you old straw hag
    Maggie Thatcher you can't match her she's the darling of us all
    She's the curse of the Irish Nation Fine Gael and Fianna Fail
    She's destroyed me hire purchase and she's put me on the dole
    If I could only get my hands on her I'd kick her up the hole

    Good onya Mrs Thatcher you're the cutest girl of all
    such a biddy fine and buxom sure the likes you'll not recall
    when she holds negotiations things they always reach a hitch
    she's the world in ruination such a schemer the old b!tch

    Good onya Mrs Thatcher no one in this world can match her
    but she's trying to take the vote away from the paddies once again
    we're not worried 'bout your English vote nor your politicians gas
    you can keep them Mrs Thatcher you can shove them up your ass

    Help us Mrs Thatcher with the prices rising high
    and the work is getting awful scarce Paddy's losing that's no lie
    now you say that you don't want us that we've stayed here long enough
    (now you say that you don't want us that we're really out of luck
    but if I were a taxidermist I would tell you to get stuffed

    Fair play Mrs Thatcher sure you know a trick or two
    and each time you come to Dublin well we know just what you'll do
    you'll dress up in your finery and preach with all your might
    but all of your fancy promise's are just a load of shyte

    We love you Mrs Thatcher like your old man loves his brew
    such a lad your husband Denis when he's had a sup or two
    sure he'll take a pint of porter and a glass of Irish mist
    and because he faces you each night no wonder he gets pished

    Thatcher you can't match her she's the darling of us all
    She's the curse of the Irish Nation Fine Gael and Fianna Fail

    Sean Brady


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      as the man Boyle said

      "its going to cost 3million for here state funeral........for that price you could give everyone in Scotland a shovel and we'll hand her over to Satan personally"

      there WILL be parties when she finally snuffs it


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        That's one TV show I will watch from beginning to end. But will she really be dead ? We won't end up "Night of the Living Thatcher" will we ?

        I wonder if the "Iron Lady" film comes with any merchandising ? What sort of things could they sell alongside the film ? Any suggestions ?