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  • trainspotting scripts

    I've seen the movie and read the scripts (I'm not English-speaking) but they don't always match, is there anyone who could help me in understanding what Begbie actually says here?(the missing parts are the ones with ........)

    (They're all in a pub, drinking beer and Begbie tells the story of his recent fight, at the end of it, he throws his pint over his head):

    "Picture the scene...........fu**** the fu*****g Volley. Me and Tommy are playing pool.I'm playing like Paul fu*****g Newman by the way.Giving the boy here the tanning of a lifetime"

    Many thanks

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    IT'S a reference to the classic 60's Paul Newman film 'The Hustler' and how great he played the game of pool.

    Picture the scene. Wednesday morning in the Volley. Me and Tommy are playing pool. No problems, and I'm playing like Paul fcuking Newman by the way. I'm giving the boy here the tanning of a lifetime. So anyway, it comes to the final ball, the deciding shot of the tournament: I'm on the black and he's sitting in the corner, looking all biscuit-ersed. Then this hard cnut comes in. Obviously fancied himself. Starts looking at me. Right fcuking at me. Trying to put off, like, just for kicks. Looking at me as if to say, 'Come ahead, square go.' Well, you know me, I'm no looking for trouble but at the end of the day I'm the cnut with the pool cue and I'm game for a swedge. So I squared up, casual like. So what does the hard cnut do, or so-called hard cnut? Shltes it. Puts down his drink, turns around and gets the fcuk out of there. And after that, the game was mine.