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  • Famous Movie Lines! is a game we always play in our jacuzzi! (...but I'm pretty sure you don't need a jacuzzi to play it)

    I give you a famous movie line and the person who gets it right has to come up with another one....

    For intance....if I gave you

    Then you have to name what movie that came from, (but that one is way too easy....)

    So instead....I will leave you with this one;

    Now, name the movie that quote came from!

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    Di (aka ^..^ ~ Willy)

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    I have no idea what the film is, but this looks like a good game.

    More Irn Bru !!!!
    The early bird may catch the worm,
    But it's the second mouse that gets the cheese


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      okay, now that I've found the quotes section on the internet movie database, I know where it comes from :
      Mexican Bandolero: Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
      in Blazing Saddles

      incidentally, there is a quote fromThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre which is very similar:
      Gold Hat: Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges.

      is looking up the imdb cheating ?

      More Irn Bru !!!!
      The early bird may catch the worm,
      But it's the second mouse that gets the cheese


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        How 'bout this one off the top of my head. (maybe too easy I dunno):

        "Say hello to my leetle friend"

        Have you ever played that game where you have to connect one filmstar/director to another using six films or less? I think it is called 'Six degrees of Kevin Bacon'(don't ask me why). This is my favourite film game. It is also possible to link anyone to any filmstar in this way with a little imagination. So if anyone has a challenge for me I will be more than happy to take part.


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          Andrew, No wonder we play that game in the jacuzzi...then you can't go off to the internet and cheat! (LOL!)

          But you DID get the answer right so now you have to post one. (...and I promise to play fair!)

          I'm not familiar with that game but it sounds like fun. Please Give us an example of how it is played.

          As for your movie quote....hmmmmmmm....(Like Andrew, it sounds familar but I can't place it), anyone else out there who can?
          Di (aka ^..^ ~ Willy)


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            Well, I guess the clue is that he has an 'accent'.

            The game I mentioned goes like this: I'll pick 2 people out of thin air and challenge myself to connect them through a maximum of 6 films. Al Pacino and Meg Ryan, for example. (NB- Al is a big clue to my film quote).

            1. Al Pacino was in Carlito's Way with...
            2. Sean Penn....who was in The Indian Runner with...
            3. the wonderful Christopher Walken...who was in Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead with...
            4. the very gorgeous Andy Garcia...who was in When A Man Loves A Woman with...
            5. the beautiful Meg Ryan (yeeeaaah, I did it in 5)

            Or I could be clever and say...
            1. Al Pacino was in Godfather 3 with...
            2. Andy Garcia who was in When A Man Loves A Woman with...
            3. Meg Ryan (yeeeah, I did it in 3).

            The idea is to pick 2 actors/directors who are so far removed from each other to make it an almost impossible challenge for the other person. If you like films it is a good game. If you don't like films, it's very boring!


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              Ahhhhhh! Good clue Jells!
              Wasn't that from the movie Scarface?

              OK....lets try this one, (See if I'm playing this right), I give you Vivien Leigh and Steve you connect them...
              Di (aka ^..^ ~ Willy)


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                Oh no Willy, I will be here all through the night now. I love a challenge. You are right about Scarface, it's the last line in the final scene I think.
                Vivien Leigh and Steve Martin, that's a good one. Let me see.

                Vivien Leigh was in A Streetcar Named Desire with...
                1. Marlon Brando who was in Apocalypse Now with...
                2. the delectable Martin Sheen who had a small part in Wall Street with son Charlie and...
                3. Daryll Hannah who was in Roxanne with...
                4. Steve Martin. (phew!)

                How about Julia Roberts and Clint Eastwood (tee hee).


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                  Good going Jells!

                  Julia Roberts played with Shirley MacLean in "Steel Magnolias"...
                  Who played with Clint Eastwood in "Two Mules for Sister Sarah".
                  Di (aka ^..^ ~ Willy)


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                    Another quote:

                    "Here's a fine stick to beat the lovely lady with..."

                    And....For Jells game, Merle Oberon to Catherine Zeta Jones...
                    Di (aka ^..^ ~ Willy)


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                      I can't remember the URL, but the six degrees of Kevin Bacon website has this, you just type in the 2 people and it connects them. I won't use it to cheat here though

                      If I knew who Merle Oberon was/is, I'd join in.

                      Quotes ?
                      " Did he try to 'pleasure you with his tongue'?"

                      you might not get it, it's a British film (comedy)

                      More Irn Bru !!!!
                      The early bird may catch the worm,
                      But it's the second mouse that gets the cheese


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                        Originally posted by Willy:
                        Another quote:

                        "Here's a fine stick to beat the lovely lady with..."

                        The Quiet Man


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                          Yes Janet!!! (Should we try musicals on them yet?)

                          Um.....Andrew, I will take a stab in the dark ang guess The Full Monty? (probably not...)

                          Here's a hint on Merle Oberon, She played in the classic movie "Wuthering Heights" with a famous British actor.
                          Di (aka ^..^ ~ Willy)


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                            Merle Oberon was in..Wuthering Heights with ..
                            1 Laurence Olivier who was in Sleuth with...
                            2 Michael Caine who was in The Man Who Would be King with...
                            3 Sean Connery who was in Entrapment with...
                            4 Catherine Zeta Jones

                            I'm stumped on your quote Andrew, you'll have to give us a clue. How about this famous one:
                            "Why do I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop?"


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                              Oh Willy, you're right Shirley MacLaine was in "Two Mules..." with Clint