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Your most hated movie(s)?

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  • Your most hated movie(s)?

    We've all heard what movies you love, but which ones do you hate?
    Some of my most hated are...

    It's a wonderful life

    The Matrix Revolutions

    The Matrix Reloaded

    The Matrix (Didn't think it was that awful, but the sequels ruined it for me)

    28 Days later (The British shouldn't make movies)

    The Patriot (Not the crappy Steven segal movie, but the crappy Mel Gibson movie. I think he's defeated the entire English army once too many)

    Dawn of the Dead (original and remake)

    The Passion of the Christ (It would have been 20 minutes long if so much of it wasn't in slow motion)

    Shaun of the Dead (Like "Dawn of the Dead" but with British humour i.e. no humour)

    Anyway, I've rambled on far too much. You must hate some movies for some reason.
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    Yes, the Matrix series were not my fave, either.

    I have other baddies, but I'll have to do some brainstorming first.


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      I had the unfortunate experience of watch freddy versus jason the other night...

      oh my... how crap can one movie be!


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        Oh, come one, Freddy vs. Jason's a friggin' classic, man!

        I have not had the pleasure of watching it. Mainly because I don't want to. I love my horror movies, but give me a break.


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          Fast & the Furious - cool cars, bad writing

          I was on a flight last year where they showed "Blue Crush" - it was painful. Even with nothing else to do, I just couldn't watch it.

          Worst movie ever - "Repo Man"


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            Never saw "Repo Man". Sounds dumb.

            Actually, I thought "Blue Crush" was kinda fun, in its own way. The surfing was cool, but the characters were a bit weak.

            "American President"----zzzzzzzzzz.


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              Master and Comander, Chicago, Angel Heart, Snake Eyes, Tape Heads, Flesh and Bone, Gone in 60 Seconds, 8MM, Hot Shots, Fast & Furious 1&2, Best Defense, Blade, The Cable Guy, The Cell, Elecktra, The Game, Changing Lanes, Copland, The 5th Element, Dumb and Dumber, Final Destination, Speed 1&2, and Titanic.
              Humanity is my religion


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                No one has mentioned Dr T and the Women yet??? Oh my god, the pain! RELENTLESS PAIN!!!


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                  Don't hold back, Victorey! LOL!

                  ...i vote for Charlie's Angels... YEESH!


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                    Well I don't know if I hated these two movies but they sucked because of the ending

                    Sweet November and City of Angels


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                      A bad ending does completely ruin the whole movie. Which reminds me of Mystic River.
                      Also thought the blair witch project really really bad.

                      So what is worse, a movie you think you are going to enjoy but then they completely go off course and nonsensical for the ending (ususally some lame attempt at tragedy) -OR- a movie with horrible acting/writing/visual effects/etc that for some reason you sit through anyway?


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                        I think a movie that you enjoy until the end. That is worse because you are into the movie and think it is great, until BAM, something happens and ruins it all. That really upsets me. But It is also bad when you really want to see a movie and it turns out to be not worth the money you paud for it.


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                          Originally posted by HollyElise
                          Don't hold back, Victorey! LOL!

                          ...i vote for Charlie's Angels... YEESH!
                          Cripes! Good call.

                          Yeesh indeed.


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                            Hated The Ring,The Grudge,White Chicks,Matrix 2&3,Blade 3,all the "Scary Movies",Urban Legends,Scream movies,sucked...sorry i can go on and on


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                              Down With Love
                              Moulin Rouge
                              Signs (That should actually be top of the list)
                              Bridget Jones' Diarrhoea
                              Mary Poppins
                              The full "Police Academy" series
                              Any film with J Lo in it
                              Any film where America wins WW2 unaided
                              Any film with zombies in it

                              That'll do for now. My stomach is churning already.