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  • your fav horror movies

    would anyone like to comment on their favorite horror movies?
    Mine happens to be The Shining,it still freaks me out when Danny goes flying around the corner on his big wheel and sees the two ghosts of the dead girls,that is great!
    And my other is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre..the first one ,not the ones they made after that ..those were just plain dumb,Now i do like the Remake of the first one,but it was better in the theaters than it was when i bought it and watched it at home!
    I have heared the movie The Grudge is pretty good, has anyone seen it?

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    Night of the living dead were always my favorites when I was growing up...have not seen the grudge yet...


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      As far as movies that have left me scared witless and not be able to sleep I would have to say that "Signs" left me reeling for a little while, only because I live in a sleepy village and right at the back of my house there is a big farm, so it left me a little bit paranoid, lol.

      I had the very bad misfortune of seeing the remake of "Ju-On: Grudge" (the American remake titled "The Grudge") with Sarah Michelle Gellar and the very underused Jason Behr (of "Roswell" fame, who previously starred with Gellar in an episode of "Buffy" where they shared more chemistry despite being enemies in it). I have no idea why Bill Pullman decided to get involved. Has Hollywood dried up on creativity that they are now turning to the classic Eastern cinema for inspiration? Bah!

      "The Grudge" goes for cheap scares, and delves into backstory rather than anything else, and it's just typical crappy horror. You find yourself saying "Don't go in there!" too many times, the ending is sloppy and a lot of things that should be explained, aren't.

      T'is poor. If you want to see a good horror rent out the original "Ring".

      "Old Boy", although not a horror, is a great Eastern movie, and should not be missed. I think it is playing at most UGC cinemas.

      "Welcome to my Night"


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        My Favourite Horror Flicks

        I have a few to name off the top of my head. They are;
        Stephen Kings' "IT"
        "Underworld" was awesome with great special effects
        "Innocent Blood" is a comedic horror flick that's cool
        John Carpenters' "Thing"

        Here are few rapid fire style;
        "Exorcist","The Omen", "Rosemary's Baby", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", and "The Changling".

        I have just rented the dvd "Deathwatch", a WWI horror flick. I haven't watched it yet..I will tonight or tomorrow night....but I checked out some of the special features and the deleted scenes and it looks pretty wicked! One of the deleted scenes has to soldiers standing above the trenches and about 10 meters from each other when the barbed wire fencing starts ravelling around them individually and then enters their bodies, blasting out through their flesh of their faces and....I'll leave the rest for you to find out for yourselves. I'll update you all after I watch it and give you a thumbs up or down!

        All the Best...


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          I forgot

          I forgot to give you my thumbs up for both "The Shining" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Definitely classics! I own "The Shining" as well.


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            thanks for the input on The Grudge!I may or may not go see it, may just wait until it comes out to rent.
            And i have to agree to "IT" i always found that movie creepy,along with' Sometimes They Come Back','And Sometimes They Come Back Again'Stephen King has some 'wild imagination'to say the least.
            I have the movie The Exorcist but have never been able to bring my self to watch it...(Chicken)stuff like that scares me too bad...I also have 'Rosemarys baby'that is a wild movie,And I remember parts of The OMen...scarry stuff.
            Another good one is The Amityville Horror...still freaks my a*s out,lol.I think alot of the older stuff is alot better than most stuff now adays!


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              Horror Faves

              Yeah, I remember Amityville Horror and it was super scarey along with the first Nightmare on Elm Street. I read the book "IT" prior to seeing the movie and it was one scarey read. I had some wild nightmares while I was reading that book!

              The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness (A Trilogy) starring Bruce Campbell is both scarey at times and comical as well. It has a cult following. I am waiting for the three to be put together as a dvd box set before I purchase them. I have Bubba Ho Tep which is another tongue in cheek horror/comedy flick that I have not watched yet. It's Elvis vs. the monster, Bubba Ho Tep. I'll keep you posted. If you see it let me know what you think.

              As for The Grudge, I will definitely check it out. I have the full home theatre set up with a 40" Widescreen TV so I'll probably wait until it comes out on dvd. We'll see.



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                "It" Always scares me to death, my Daughter dressed up like "It" on Halloween....
                Halloween the movie scares me too.. I am a weenie I guess lol.


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                  Your daughter dressed up as IT?

                  Wow, that would have been quite a costume to see! Did she do the "bubbles" thing too!


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                    I loved "Bubba Ho-Tep", it's very tongue-in-cheek, and once again Bruce Campbell proves he is the A-list actor in the realm of the B-listers.

                    Cleverly shot, eery and sophisticated, with a very original Mexican soundtrack, and great special effects from KNB (the boys and girls who provided all the SFX for "From Dusk til Dawn") this is a film not to miss. Bruce Campbell is Elvis. It is sad at moments, but there are plenty of laughs, great action and you'll be begging for more after you've finished watching it.

                    As for "Deathwatch"... I had the misfortune of seeing that movie with a friend of mine when it first came out, and I seriously felt as if two hours of my life had been stolen from me. It's messy, gory (not scary gory, just boring gory) and the acting is boring. I seriously recommend you avoid this movie. Go rent out "Battle Royale" or the original "Ring" movie.

                    "Welcome to my Night"


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                      Shawn of the Dead...


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                        has to be The Shining....."Here's Johny" Jack Nicholson is my fav.........


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                          No doubt: my fav horror film is "Bram Stoker's Dracula" by F.F.Coppola: it's a masterpiece!


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                            Re: Dracula!

                            Originally posted by Necramater
                            No doubt: my fav horror film is "Bram Stoker's Dracula" by F.F.Coppola: it's a masterpiece!

                            Oooh yeah my girl and I sat down and watched that after she moved in, was very enjoyable. Although I can't stand Keanu Reeves in anything apart from "Bill and Ted", it was a good film.

                            Gary Oldman rules!

                            Oh, and Winona Ryder's pal in it was very gorgeous, hehe... sorry.

                            Avoid "The Grudge" with Sarah Michelle Gellar like the plague, go and rent or buy the original!!

                            "Welcome to my Night"


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                              Yeah, Lucy Westenra in the film is a great character, though slightly different from the beuk.

                              Onyway, Hopkins' Van Helsing is the best ever!