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    I will get you a list of my other paranormal books in my next post...I have to go through all my books and see which other ones I the moment I am reading....
    Prisoner of my Desire by Johanna Lindsey
    Here is the back cover....
    It is a dark time for Rownena Belleme. The striking and sprited lady must produce an heir, for failure to do so will incur the dangerous wrath of a ruthless stepbrother who stands to forfeit his ill-gotten wealth. But in all of England there is only one man whom Rowena would have sire her child. His name is Warrick deChaville, a magnificent knight who possesses the strenght, intelligence, and courage-as well as the extraordinary good looks-that Rownena would have passed on to her son. But Warrick is proud and stubborn, and he will be no man's-orwoman's-pawn. The lady must take drastic action adn so she has the noble warrior taken prisoner, intending to force him to bend to her amorous will. Captive, chained, and seething with rage, Warrick vows he will never surender. But the lady's seductions are powerful-her sapphire eyes and lush, intoxicating beauty weakens his resolve, and it is the knight's own varility that betrays him. Yet all the while he is plotting a fitting and most satisfying revenge...For Destiny's wheel is forever spinning, and Warrick knows the time will inevitabley come when the imprisoned becomes the captor, with the power to make his sensual tormenter suffer as he did in exquisite ecstasy. But neither he nor the Lady Rowena anticipates the direction the wheel will turn-uniting intimate adversaries against a deadly common enemy...and joining two courageous hearts in passionate, unexpected love.
    It is very good so far.....I hightly reccommend it...


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      Its hard for me to read anything other than the Outlander. May my last impression be of that Scottish Jamie!!! For God sakes, I think I got an orgasm from that book!!!


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        Anyone read any Guy Gavriel Kay?


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          oh my god.....

          Ok that did it I need to read those books!!!! ha ha
          No I have never read any books by that author....what have they written?


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            bubleduck, are you talking about Outlander? It's by Diana Gabeldon. She also has Dragonfly In Amber, Voyager, Drums Of Autumn and The Fiery Cross. They are all one continuous story. You have probably already heard of them though. They are some of the best books I have ever read.

            The book you are reading now sounds great! Let me know how the rest of it is. I'm hoping to go to the used book store this weekend. I'll let you know what I get.

            ccbeatty, Don't you just love Outlander? Have you read the others?
            Have you ever read anything by Julie Garwood? That's they way I feel about her books.
            But in my mind nobody can compare to Karen Marie Moning!!!! and Kinley MacGregor!!!! Have you ever read anything by these ladies? I would highly recommend these if Outlander did that for you. What Outlander did for you Monong's and MacGregor's books did for me!!!

            HollyElise, who is Guy Gavriel Kay? What kind of of books does this person write?


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              The book was good!!!

              Don't you just love books when they end with the guy making an ass of himself and he has to apologizes for everything that happened? ha ha very good...sorry but I havent had time to check out all of my books yet and see what paranormal ones I have. But I will do that this weekend....


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                The title of Outlander in the U.K. is Cross Stitch.

                Guy Gavriel Kay as a young author was asked with another to finish Tolkein's last book Simarilion. Though he has not set a story in Scotland yet, i think it would greatly appeal to people who've enjoyed Galbaldon.



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                  Re: ha ha ....

                  Originally posted by bubleduck
                  Yes ty are, I made sure to only get the ones that take place in you know how hard that was? I had to read the back of every book I have to see if Scotland was mentioned, I forgot half of them, I have so many books. I felt like I was in a book store because I would read the back of one and go, I don't remember reading this, it sounds I would put it aside to read later..ha ha But have you tried the bookrak? It is a non-club book club. they send you monthly things of the new books out, and they are also cheaper too. I was going through this months catalog and I found two new names for you to add to your list....Elizabeth Thorton, and Janeen O'Kerry. Sorry I cant remember it they were on your list or not, but you should try this
                  Oh hello everyone! I am soooooooooooooooo very sorry I have not been here but have been having major computer problems and could not get on line! I was sooooooooooo very upset that I was wanting to climb up a telephone pole! I hope you all are not upset with me, but I just could not get on line for a week and half and even now I keep getting bumped off cause we are having storms. Gotta talk that hubby into DSL/broadband! I have had more than enough of this!


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                    Re: Desert Rose new addy

                    Originally posted by Scottish-Lassie
                    So glad that you want to stay in touch!!! I had e-mailed you a couple of times but now I know why you didn't reply (thought you had fallen out with me!).

                    My addy is the same as before so if you would like to mail me, I would love to hear from you.

                    I must try some of the authors that you and Bubbleduck have mentioned as the only Scottish Romance books I have read are the Diana Gabaldon ones. I e-mailed her once to tell her I loved the books and she replied and was very nice.

                    Whereabouts are you from Bubbleduck?
                    Scottish-lassie! Oh no! I never would think of falling out with you! You are such a sweetie. It is just that I had to change my email addy and I guess I never told you what it was. It is [email protected] should you want to write me again. I can't find yours, boo hoo! Roise is Scottish for Rose! Cool, eh? Write me when you can! I would love to be back in touch again! I still have your calendar and pictures you sent me! Write soon!

                    Oh, I got all my Diana Gabaldon books that I ordered from I got Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums in Autum, The Fiery Cross. so far I have those now.


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                      Re: Hi there!!

                      Originally posted by ScotlandLove
                      Hello everyone!

                      I am new here but a great friend of mine (Desertrose) suggested that I check this site out. This is the first post that I have done here. So, please bear with me, I'm a little nervous.

                      I love Scottish romance novels. That is pretty much all I read. With a few Harlequin romances thrown in the mix when I run out of new books and haven't made it to the book store.

                      I have read all 5 of Diana Gabeldon's Outlander series books. Outlander I have read about 6 or 7 times. I just finished rereading it the other day. I would love to discuss anything about these books.

                      My favorite is Karen Marie Moning. I hounded Desertrose until she finally got them. I also love Kinley MacGregor. Have any of you read anything by her?

                      I will go through my Scottish novels tonight and make a list for you also. Maybe I can come up with some that you girls do not have. I noticed some that I do not have. I'm going to write them down because I'm always up from new ones!!

                      Oh, and I just love Julie Garwood's and Hannah Howard's books. I've read Ransom and The Bride by Garwood almost as much as I have read Moning's books.

                      Ok, I'll go for now.
                      Look forward to talking to all of you.
                      Scotlandlove, you made it! I am soooooooooooooooooo happy! I am soooo sorry it took me so long but when the computer won't work, it won't work, eh?!

                      yes, you got me into Karen Marie Moning's books! Wow! What hot, exciting books. Nothing compares to those!

                      Hope you keep posting, shy one Scotlandlove! I knew you would be great here!


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                        Originally posted by Catherine1745
                        I have read and reread all of D.G.' s books. Have Outlander memorized - sad ain't it.
                        Hi Catherine! Welcome to our romance reading group! Never read any of the "blouse tearing" books, but sounds yummy to me! Please keep us posted!


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                          Originally posted by ccbeatty
                          Its hard for me to read anything other than the Outlander. May my last impression be of that Scottish Jamie!!! For God sakes, I think I got an orgasm from that book!!!
                          Wow! Am I ready to read this book! Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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                            [QUOTE]Originally posted by HollyElise
                            I'm reading my first Scottish Romance novels... because a few people at this website recommended Diana Galbaldon. Man is she popular! Now that i'm reading her everyone on earth seems to have read her. The first book is Outlander, and i'm on the second book in a series that currently has 5. They are what my friend Susan would call "bodice rippers," ...and quite literally as the heroine gets her blouse ripped in the first 50 pages i think. But i've noticed men are reading this book too and enjoying it. Diana has a talent for detail and history, as well as adventure and um, erh... steamy-ness! [/QUO
                            I LOVE DIANA GABOLDANS books!!!!!! have read and re-read them all.... she has another two coming that will end the series..... so i amm waiting waiting


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                              Hi everybody! Still having the computer problems. I am hoping they will be resolved in a couple of days. At the local college writing this now.

                              Man! I need to get to my Diana Gabaldon's books. I just bought them but have been reading other books in the meantime. I just finished, Master of the Highlands, by Sue-Ellen Welfonder. It was a good story but didn't care for her style of writing, but that is just me!

                              Now I am reading one of those books that has four authors in it, one of them being Christina Dodd called "The Scottish Brides." So far that has been good and all short stories, but blouse rippers! Yumm!


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                                Hi everyone!!!

                                bubleduck, I just love your new duck!! He's great!!

                                I bought 2 new books the other night.

                                Highland Angel by Hannah Howell. Great book, I finished it last night.

                                The Secret by Julie Garwood. I'll probably start that one tonight.

                                Dessie, glad to see you! Let me know when you start Outlander. I can't wait for you to.

                                Does anyone else read Hannah Howell books? I just finished the 8th one in the Murray series. (I think it was the 8th) I feel like I am a part of the family now I have read so many.If you haven't read them I highly suggest you do. If anyone is interested I can give you the names of the books in the series.

                                Anybody reading anything new?