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  • Help translate!

    I need help anyone what does taim i' ngra leat mean i'm pretty sure its gaelic

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    Chan e Gaidhlig a tha sin idir. Caite an d' fhuair thu e co-dhiu? 'S docha gur e Gaidhlig na h-Eirinn a th' innte.

    That's not Scottish Gaelic but might be Irish, who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Best translator I have seen yet....

      Because there are over 6 types of gealic in Scotland alone, one phrase can mean something to one group and something else to another....or just be total gibberish. I believe Ireland has 2 kinds, and the Welch used 1(waaaaaaaaaay back) anyway here is the URL to the translator.

      Good Luck.
      All things must eventually submit to something, for even the mighty oak bends to forces unseen.-



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        What are you on about?

        What do you mean by "types" of Gaelic? It's all Gaelic! The six different types you speak of are nonsense. If you can speak Gaelic then all other Gaelic speakers will understand you. Obviously there will be variations in accent and some dialectual differences too but it's all the same language. It is not possible to go and do a Uist course differing from a Lewis course. Just go and learn some Gaelic and forget this ancestors thing for the moment.