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Help! can anyone help me with sc. dialect in Irvine Welsh's "Glue"?

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    thanks for helping there, sometimes these dialect words and unknown vocab in Welsh are doing my head in...

    Would love to help if one of you should have a question about German dialect... well as I'm from the North of Germany this should even prove a bit difficult for me

    I can only recommend the book, as you probably know it's a bit rude sometimes, but sort of poetic at the same time, and I like the story and the characters (it's like in Trainspotting, the guys act like ****holes sometime, but the more you get to know them througout the text, they become likeable as well. It's the thing I love about Welsh's texts: The people have good and bad sides, it's not as though they're just good or just bad as in so many books where you're supposed to "like" someone or "hate" a character...), sorry, rabbiting on a bit here...

    Thanks again,

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    I'd say number 20 - "YOs" is likely to mean "Young Offenders" - ie criminals who are quite young.

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    I haven't read the book either, but I'll have a crack at some of your questions.

    15. Sounds like Terry got revenge on someone who had done something to Carl.

    16. Means it is his turn to buy the drinks.

    QOS knew all the other ones I got, so that's all from me.

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    I haave not read the book but I will try to help you with some of these:

    2. BB is the Boys Brigade
    4. gub means to beat or hit someone
    7. bools can be small glass balls or jories, or it can be the game of bowls.
    8. a bridie is nothing like a bagle. a bridie is a sort of meat pie.
    10. Scottish Spinsters must be a bit of a joke. there is a life insurenace company in Scotland called Scottish Widows.
    13. I think that biscuit ersed usually means you are stoned!
    I,m sorry i cant help you with all of these but I have not read the book yet.

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  • Help! can anyone help me with sc. dialect in Irvine Welsh's "Glue"?

    is there anyone out there who can help a desperate German with some questions about dialect in Irvine Welshs book "Glue"??
    It will be very much appreciated!!
    Please send answers to
    Thank you!!!!
    Here are the questions:

    1. Is the stolen copper wire (p.48 etc.):
    -wire in the sense of cable (coated with plastic) or
    -wire in the sense of filament (pure copper)?
    2. What is the BB (p.83)?
    3. What does Begbie mean when he says "Pooroot!" to Spud (p.84)?
    4. Does "Juice Terry runs in and gubs the *******" (p. 88) means, he "grabs" him?
    5. "the paupin ****" (p. 91): has "paupin" to do with "pope" or with "pauper" or is it sth. different alltogether?
    6. "to knock of it's bass"(p. 232): is that to put up the bass or to take it out of the song?
    7. "bools" (p. 197): does he mean her fingers or sth. else?
    8. Is a bridie (p. 262/309) the same as a bagle?
    9. "To gouch" is that the same as falling asleep? Or to come down from a drug? ("to gouch right out" p. 278; "she' wanting to gouch" 375)
    10. Where does Lisa work, what company is "Scottish Spinsters"? (p. 308) The Scottish Telecom?
    11. "If ah'd been thaire ah'd've helped n aw" (p. 273): With what would Terry have helped if he had been there: getting to know the Bavarians?
    12. What does "moosey-faced" (p. 261/182) mean? Sour or bold?
    13. What does "biscuit-ersed" (p. 182) mean: insecure?
    14. When Terry walks off and Carls says "Eh's wide for oor game", does that mean Terry knows they are taking the piss? (p.258)
    15. What does Terry mean saying "well ah goat ma ain back for ye mate" (257) to Carl?
    16. "Thit means thit you're in the chair" (p.353): Does Terry mean that Rab has more money or that he is in the position to choose?
    17. What/where are the Calders (p.372)
    18. What is the "twenty-one hour rule" (p.373)?
    19. "**** the Scottish cup; pulling right up into the square between them and letting rip on the sound system(p. 399): Which square does Carl mean, and what does that have to do with the football he mentiones in the same sentence? Is he comparing his deejaying with football?
    20. Page 402: What are the "YOs", puberty?
    21. What is a "bucket holder"? (p. 435)
    22. "set the bar on fire with lighter fuel" (p. 448): Are they really burning sth. down?