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  • How to learn Gaelic

    Tha m˛ran dhaoine air a bhith a rÓdh gu bheil iad airson GÓidhlig ionnsachadh. Tha t˛rr dh˛ighean ann: Leabharaichean, c¨rsaichean etc. Cuideachd, uaireanan tha e a' crochadh air cÓite a bheil thu a' fuireach. Chanainn gu bheil c¨rsaichean an t-Sabhail Mh˛r as fheÓrr ach cuir f˛n gu Comunn na GÓidhlig ann an Inbhir Nis no Ste˛rnabhagh airson fiosrachadh eile fhaighinn.

    Coimhead air GÓidhlig / Beurla

    Many people have said that they would like to learn Gaelic. There are many way to do that: books, courses etc. Also, sometimes it depends on where you live as to whether courses are available. Sabhal M˛r Ostaig on Skye is by far the best place to do a course, see link above, but also phone Comunn na GÓidhlig in Inverness or Stornoway for information.

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    Highland Gealic

    I know there are many types of gealic, but I am looking for one in particular(to honor my ancestors and keep the language alive) I cannot place the name, but it was the language that the Reynolds and Stuarts used. I havent been able to find a course on it, and checked the site you gave. All of it seems general. I know the "name" of the language isnt "highland gealic" but at least it gives the general area.

    Thank you for your help,
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      What are you on about?

      What do you mean by "types" of Gaelic? It's all Gaelic! The six different types you speak of are nonsense. If you can speak Gaelic then all other Gaelic speakers will understand you. Obviously there will be variations in accent and some dialectual differences too but it's all the same language. It is not possible to go and do a Uist course differing from a Lewis course. Just go and learn some Gaelic and forget this ancestors thing for the moment.


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        Stands up and applauds!