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  • Gaelic Lesson?

    So anyone on this board want to help some of us learn the Gaelic language? Share phrases, structuring, etc.


    English phrase
    Gaelic translation

    Sometimes life gives you tests before you have a chance to study the lessons!!

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    I'm afraid that's not the way to learn a language.
    Scottish Honey, we can make up a group of learners, so as to cooperate, ask one another questions concerning tricky grammer points. It's of great importance to right short essays, read texts in the original and retell them to develop your oral speech skills.
    Oh, don't worry I'm not a crashing bore(at least I hope so) but I'm going to become a language teacher.
    I like the idea of learning Gaelic. If you find any language links would you send them to me? please... I'll be very much obliged to you.

    Cada loco con su tema