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Scot/Eng vs. Can/US

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  • Scot/Eng vs. Can/US

    Hey everyone,

    Most of my friends (poor buggers) can't distinguish between the English and Scottish accent. I don't know how! Maybe that I'm the more experienced traveller and have spent more time with my fellow English and Scottish mates.

    I am wondering if you Scots (and English) can distinguish between a Canadian and American accent. Can you?

    The west, Ontarians, maritimers and of course quebeckers (here in Canada) speak in different ways. As well as the north and south in the U.S. and the typical 'New yawk' accent.

    What are your experiences? Share with a curious canuck!


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    I can tell the difference between a southern and northern United States accent and I have heard people from Boston speaking who seem to have a distinctive accent.I would have some difficulty though distinguishing between a Canadian and American accent.


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      I can distinguish most of the accents, but I do have several advantages over most folk:

      I work with loads of Americans and Canadians.

      I lived in Alberta for two years and in the Southern US for three years.

      The vast majority of my in-laws live in Western Canada (this is connected to those two years in Calgary, but I'll let you work it out)!


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        When I was in Canada a while ago I asked this question of one of my hosts - he replied that he could not distinguish between a Canadian (I suspect he meant Western Canada) and a Northern US accent!


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          But Hirta

          there is a subtle difference from Northern US and Southern Canada.

          EG. Americans say MOM and we say MUM. The way we pronounce Ice cream and insurance are different too.


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            When British people (english and scots) go to places like USA, they often get mistaked for Australians! LOL i can't see how