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    In the past, I have looked over the Gaelic script extensively, though I do not know the language outright. I was hoping someone could direct me to a successful website, product or series of books that explain the language and how to master it. Searching for guides on Gaelic in my area has been a real sgian dhu in the bum. So, please, I would appreciate anyone who could help me out on this. Alba gu brath, for everyone who knows what that means!

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    Look at , Sabhal Mr Ostaig, the Gaelic college in Skye. To "master" the language you need to be in an area where it is spoken, ie. the western isles. Sabhal Mr do good courses.


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      A particularly good book and tape series is by Boyd Robertson and Iain Taylor called Teach yourself Gaelic. Boyd happens to be my lecturer and head of the Gaelic department at Jordanhill College.

      If you want to seriously end yourself (have a good laugh) then get the videos of Speaking our Language. I've never laughed so much at a TV programme!

      Other than that, take a browse on amazon or other online book shops (or even real ones!)
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        Daibhidh, I'm sorry to be off topic here but a friend of mine is trying to find a contact telephone number for Jordanhill. It's an entrance based enquiry. Could you possibly let me know a number for such?

        Many thanks in anticipation,



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          Celt - Look several entries down in this forum for the thread "Gaelic". There are more web-sites given including where to go to hear the news in Gaelic. The first site you were given for the college in Skye was the place to start, though. Good luck!
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