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  • A gaelic question

    How would you say, in gaelic, 'I don't speak gaelic.' ?
    Chan eil Gàidhlig agam

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    Chan eil Gàidhlig agam


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      Chan eil Gàidhlig agam


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        Ceistean Gàidhlig eile

        Can anyone please recommend me a good line if Gaelic poetry to put in my signature? Please also tell me what it means if you know. Tapadh leabh.
        An sgiamh a'ghealach air an tuinn ghlasa.
        For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings
        That then I scorn to change my state with kings.
        Heureux l'étudiant qui comme la rivière arrive à suivre son cours sans sortir de son lit.


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          Gàidhlig for signatures and more...


          At first a comment about Danny's reply. Correct, just to mention the gaelic grammar constructions are somewhat different than those in English.

          "Chan eil Gàidhlig agam" means "I have no Gaelic" (litteraly: There is not Gaelic on-me.)
          ...This is a thing I had to get used to while learning Gáidhlig.

          Similar of construction is: "Tha gaol agam ort!" -- "I love you!"
          (lit.: "There is love at-me on-you!") 'agam' and 'ort' are compound prepositions.

          Now to the poetry:

          I personally like this one:

          "Thig crìoch air an t-saoghal. Ach mairidh ceol is mairidh gaol."
          "There will be an end to this world. But music and love will both prevail."
          It's a gaelic proverb, as far as I know, which was also used by Runrig in
          the song "Air a chuan" (On the ocean).

          Other ones:

          "Abair ach beag, is abair gu mhath e."
          "Say but little, but say it well."

          "Trì nithean a thig gun iarraidh -- gaol, ead, agus eagal."
          "Three nasty little things that come without asking -- love, envy, and fear."

          Well, I hope this helps you a little bit.

          Slan agus beannachd,

          Rüdiger Reinhardt -- [email protected]