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Rolling your R's

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    Reply to Arazona Don

    Are you wanting to cop a Scottish accent 24/7 as if it were your own? Like they said, a prat.Learn Bra Scots and save it for Robert Burns poetry readings. To get a good sample go on Microsoft Encarta and search for the sound file of To a mouse. Go call your local university and ask about actor's accent traing tapes they can tell you where to buy them. But, Don I wouldn't be so honest about your fasination with Scotland. I'm not trying to be ugly at all, but you open yourself up to people laughing at your posts.


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      Rolling the R's

      Hi ArizonaDon
      Well I started learning spanish 5 years ago and I really had a hard time with rolling my R's, and yet I could do it when I was a little kid (about 3 or 4 yo).
      And last year, for no particular reason, I realized I could do it. Actually at this time, I listened to opera singers all day long. My first word was: Mario.
      I'm not sure that will help but what I want to say is, don't worry, that might happen without even you noticing.
      Good luck,

      [Edited by Mignonne on 27th January 2002 at 11:49]
      It is recovered. -What ?