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  • Opportunities for Linguistic Consultants

    I am looking for native speakers of Scottish, Irish or British English or other national languages who would be interested in free-lance linguistic consulting work. The work entails checking or translating words/phrases for companies that are marketing regionally or internationally and want to make sure their names, titles, tags, domains, etc. don't mean anything embarrassing or offensive in another language/dialect, or for people of different cultures. The pay is excellent and you can decide on the number of words you are able to check in a given timeline.

    If you are legally permitted to do work for an American company and are interested in receiving an on-line application, please email me back, indicating the language you would be applying for, and any special computer requirements. I will be sending the documents as RTF files unless your computer will not read them correctly.

    I look forward to your request.


    Alissa Simon
    President, Global Junction

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    Originally posted by Alissa
    I am looking for native speakers of Scottish, Irish or British English.......
    Well, fascinating though it sounds, I think am both confused and amused by this. It seem a strange list of nationalities - wouldn't "Scottish" be a subset of "British" anyway? And wouldn't "British" English include that spoken in Scotland, Wales and England? It would be so unfortunate if a company devoted to the art of careful checking had somehow decided to use "British" to mean "English", so I'm sure that cannot really be the case, can it?