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  • Written VS. Spoken

    As I read some of these threads,I can usually follow along with the written words and can usually get the gist of what is being said.But, as a child, I can remember listening to my grandpa and depending on his emotional level,I had no problem understanding him.But,if he had a few ounces of whisky in him,I was totally lost!I would concentrate so hard to catch what he was saying but he spoke too fast and with such a strong "accent".The amazing thing is he was born in Canada!He did speak some form of gaelic but I'm not sure which.His family was from Lesmahagow(spelling?)To get to the point here...Do you think it is easier to understand the written or spoken Scottish language?


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    I think that spoken Scots will become easier for foreigners to understand.As a native Scot I am increasingly aware of the anglicisation of the Scots tongue particularly amongst the younger generation.One annoying tendency I have noticed creeping in is the accenting of the final syllable of a sentence as if one is seeking approval for what has been said.


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      I have to hear Scots spoken before the written lang. makes sense. Then when I read it, I can hear the speaker. Beautiful lilting and singsong language!

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        I don't know, I actually find it easier to read it than spoken. I have to read it before I can try speaking it. So I find it much easier to read, though spelling is a pill in itself.
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