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the word Soedimara???????

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  • the word Soedimara???????

    Hello All,

    Keith here from Canada - I live on a parcel of land and the original owner signed a document relating the history of the homestead and called himself the "Sage of Soedimara"

    My wife and I are trying to establish the significance of the word Soedimara?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated - I think it must be a Scottish name as his brothers place is called Burnside and the family has a Scottish heritage.


    Keith Dodds

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    Well, it's possible that that "mara" bit might come from Gaelic/Gaidhlig, and mean "of the sea" BUT I don't know about the first bit. I mean the whole thing could be from any other language, or made up, as it sounds as though the original guy had a bit of a sense of humour. That is, I'm supposing the "Sage of Soedimara" was some kind of title he gave to himself? If I'm wrong about that, I mean no offence. Best of luck in finding out.


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      Keith, if Soedimara is the name of the homestead and you now own it, you might comfortably assume the title, if your up to it. It sounds neat, and you have documentation.
      If you find out the meaning, let us know, I'm curious now.
      Where in canada is it? Near the ocean?


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        Do you know how is Soedimara pronounced? Can you set that down phonetically? Certainly to my yank eyes and ears, there are many cases where there seems to be no relationship between the spelling and the sound of Scottish, Gaelic, Welsh, and English placenames. It might help someone identify the word.

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