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Gaelic and scottish?

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  • Gaelic and scottish?

    Hello everyone...

    My name is Lindha and Im from Sweden.

    I was wondering if anyone has some tips about how to learn how to speak scottish and gaelic. Im trying to learn gaelic through tapes and book...but scottish is not that easy to learn or practise. Here in sweden everyone speaks english as in english english..if you know what i mean.

    When I have english at school I try to pronounce some words with a scottish "accent" but my teacher tells me to stop that noncens and to start pronouncing the words "right".

    I have absolutly noone overhere that I can talk

    ( please forgive my bad spelling...I belive that speaking and understanding is more important then knowing how to I never did care about listening to my teacher when we had those classes...)

    Lindha Jansson
    Lindha Jansson

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    Hi Lindha.
    Gaelic is tough. I've been trying to learn too, and have only moderate luck. You can try an English /Gaelic dictionary. I spent a little time in the outer Hebrides of Scotland where gaelic is still spoken and picked up a little. I think I'd have to spend a couple of years there to get it down.
    It's always good to listen to your teacher.
    Slante (to your health) Pronounced Slange .


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      Proper English?

      Lindha, apparently if you get a comprehensive English dictionary'scots' words will be in there.

      Try looking up "druchit" or "muckle". I think they will be in there. Probably not in American English though.




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        Spoken language

        I have found a site where you can listen to samples of spoken Doric and learn about the language of North East Scotland. Just click your mouse on the link and have a listen.


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          Thank's for all the great tips guys....
          Lindha Jansson