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Meal do naedheachd Dieremeaidh Corbainn

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  • Meal do naedheachd Dieremeaidh Corbainn

    Tha daoine na h-Alba aig a bheil Gidhlig anns a Phrtaidh Lborach fhathast agus channainsa gum biodh iad toillichte an diugh gu bheil an ceannard r aca a bruidhinn mu dheidhinn rudan nas tradiseanta na luchd-poileataics eile anns am mainstream na phartaidh leithid mar Tristran Hunt is Liz Kendal. bidh iad riaraichte air sgths gur e records briste a tha annta.

    Well done Jeremy Corbin

    There are still Scots who have the Gaelic in the Labour party in Scotland and theyll be happy today that they have a new leader speaking about more traditonal things than the mainstream of the party today such as Tristran Hunt and Liz Kendall. Theyll be happy to have someone different from these broken records in charge again.

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    maybe not


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      Maybe aye tae, hes opposed to trident and Nato and wont sing silly songs about unelected monarchs.

      Video: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to sing God Save the Queen at Battle of Britain service - Telegraph