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Chan fhaic mi an t-adhbhar air a son

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  • Chan fhaic mi an t-adhbhar air a son

    "Dr Aonghas MacNeacail has written to David Mundell MP to highlight the "still vulnerable plight" of the Gaelic language "as a result of political hostilities over a period of centuries."

    In this assertion, Aonghas Dubh is undoubtedly correct.

    Recently I met a woman, from Mull, who told me that, she longs for Gaelic lessons. Strange, because she was brought up with Gaelic. But, at school, she and her sister had Gaelic "belted out of them", she said - with a leather strap!

    She recalled how one lad on her year had been warned (by his bi-lingual teacher) not to speak Gaelic in class. But when a classmate asked him to explain, in Gaelic, something the teacher had said, in English, the teacher overheard him do it.

    So he made this boy stand up in front of them all and started belting him. He continued to do so until the laddie soiled himself, in front of the whole class!

    My own Granny Harris, Mary, was often belted in school for the same crime!

    A friend of mine from Lewis told me that the last recorded case of belting for such a heinous felony was in Lochs: in 1978! Not very long ago.

    So, if Gaelic is dying, it isn't dying of natural causes. Successive governments have tried to kill it. It's called Cultural Genocide. But this isn't being admitted in our school history classes ... is it?"