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  • Spoken Scots video

    What do people think about the way Dauvit Horsbrooch speaks in this video? Its an artificial register hes developed to help maintain the dialects of what were a separate language as a separate language from modern English.

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    all very understandable though.

    where would he be if the head of language made up his own words and changed the spelling of them when ever it suited him.

    dyslexic that where lol


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      Doctor Horsbroch is apparently language and Information officer at the Scots Language Association in Perth.



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        The joke is that his accent isn't actually that "broad" at all, and it's only got occasional links with the natural old fashioned Scots that is still spoken in rural areas. It seems to waver in strength as well.

        Cud ainlie bide twa meenuts o yon auld farrant pish onywise.

        (Two can play at George Orwell quotes)
        "In this country I don’t think it is enough realized—I myself had no idea of it until a few years ago—that Scotland has a case against England."


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          Ma bhios clàisneachd mhath annad, sin an rud as cudromaiche airson a bruidhinn cho nadurra ri daoine aig a bheil cànan a tha dùil agad bho thùs.

          Gin you sound braw, thons the key tae spikkin as naiturallie as native spikkers in a leid thit yer efter spikken.