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  • Scots and Egyptian

    Arabic is a guid model fur Scots tae avoid follaen onie mair een though it sadlie his done in the first yeartens o tv braidcastin. Wae Arabic, the lack o news braidcasts in byleids sic as MaSree ie Cairene Egyptian (which in ma view cuild be seen as a leid as its jist as diffrent frae alfusha as Scots byleids are frae BBC Inglis wae its ain grammar ruiles and differin sounds tae) is the main raison its no perceivet as an unthirlt leid and thons aiblins the case wae Scots tae. Aw the wurds shared fur political colloques are staunart Arabic and thons whit maks it affie hard tae study Arabic the day, as auwbodie spiks twa leids, (the spakken local langage alang wae the shared wrutten yin) and ye hae tae decide which byleid tae focus on and then studie the wrutten leid alang wae it! Thon shuild be a model fur Scots tae ettle at avoidin copyin bi makin its ain staunart register fur news reports. Ye kin tell which fowk are Egyptian on Aljazeera een though thur forced tae yaise a fremmit relaitet leid and they aywies sound a bit lik a working class interviewee on the Scots news sic as a fireman or trade union leader.Its thon thits ahent the need felt bi braidcasters tae Anglicise thur pronunciation tae sic a degree thit it sounds ridiculous wae "railwey" an "Glaaauuusgoooww" insteid o "railway and Glasgow in Scots Inglis. Scotland's media his been a vehicle fur the dingin doun o elements frae Scots thit remain the day in Scots Inglis intae bein shiboleths o whither somebodie is upper class and thon needs tae be addresset gin wir efter seein progress fur the Scots leid as bein unthirlt.

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    "pish" is a good glesga word


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      It certainly is.