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The langage o the fowk afore the Picts

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  • The langage o the fowk afore the Picts

    Accordin tae Peter Schrijver, aw Celtic byleids in baith Britain and Ireland wur the same leid at the time whin the Romans arrived and only stairted tae brek apairt frae anither intae the sae cried Brythonic and Goidelic frae the fifth yearhunnert. Accordin tae Ewan Campbell, Dalriada wis a lot mair unthirlet frae the Ulster Gaels nor his been assumed bi ither sindrae academics afore him.

    Whit this means is thit gin the hero Calgacus actuallie existed at the time o the Battle o Mons Graupius or whiter its cried in latin, he wuild o been spikkin the leid thit develloped intae aw the Celtic leids spakken the day.

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    Teach ogham in schools!

    (Two can play at George Orwell quotes)
    "In this country I don’t think it is enough realized—I myself had no idea of it until a few years ago—that Scotland has a case against England."